Hanes Branded Printwear

Hanes Branded Printwear—the division of HanesBrands Inc. that services wholesale apparel distributors and screenprinters—wanted to exit several low-margin product categories and focus their efforts on higher-margin premium products. To kick-start the transition, they expanded their already millennial-focused “nano” product line by adding several new, lightweight, ring-spun fleece styles and a new, on-trend vintage color palette.

To further elevate the new products and colors—and the whole of Hanes Branded Printwear along with them—our team:

  1. branded the nano products collectively as “the nano collection”,
  2. created a lifestyle-driven print ad campaign targeted at the young, creative, small-business owners who comprise the industry,
  3. and designed an entirely new, high-end tradeshow booth that re-framed screenprinters as artists and “nano collection” products as their canvas.