At CCL Engage, we have been helping our clients build and shape dynamic cultures of performance-driven audience engagement for more than 20 years. That work includes designing and supporting sustainable, custom-built internal philanthropic engagement training and coaching programs for nonprofit foundations, academic medical centers, colleges, universities and athletic departments. We also work with large corporations and mid-size businesses to create programs that align managers and employees to deliver brand promises across all touch points.

Our model for working with our clients is built around gaining a deep understanding of where they want to go and what they are ultimately trying to achieve. At the same time, CCL Engage strives to understand what each client’s intended audience hopes to achieve—and to determine what will make the engagement between the client and its audience the most positive and mutually beneficial experience for all involved. This in turn creates in the audience a deeper connection and a desire for repeat engagement, whether with the brand of a business or the mission of a nonprofit organization.

CCL Engage is committed to becoming fully invested in each relationship we enter into, knowing that these relationships are ongoing and typically span many years. More than just providing training, CCL Engage works with those we serve through implementation, curriculum design, program evaluation and modifications, and tracking key situation-specific metrics.

This commitment to our clients’ success is also one of the reasons we offer those we serve a proprietary cloud-based tool for tracking their internal engagement program’s performance with respect to fundraising and pipeline management.

CCL Engage is about helping our clients reach new levels of success and creating truly meaningful engagement for all involved.

Insight. Understanding. Outcomes.

  • These three words form the foundation of how we serve our clients. They are the words that continually guide and reinforce our thinking. At CCL Engage, we work closely with our clients to fully understand and define their desired donor experience, the paths their donors follow, and the most effective means possible for engaging their donors.
  • We also realize the vital importance of engaging key audiences inside an organization. From leadership to all those involved in the process of external engagement, everyone plays an important role in connecting others with your mission. It is for this sole reason that everyone can benefit from coaching and training that not only clarifies their role, but also more importantly, makes them comfortable with engaging others on your behalf – on advancing your mission.
  • For those we serve in the nonprofit world, we utilize this insight and our extensive experience to create highly customized engagement programs and to support training and coaching curriculums, helping our clients achieve new levels of sustainable success. Each program is designed to be scalable and to ensure both positive ROI and ROE (Return on Engagement) for all involved.
  • For us it has never been about the size of our client roster or the scope of our projects; it has always been about serving the institutions and companies we work with to maximize their audience engagement and optimize their outcomes.